The Art of Storytelling

I believe in telling real stories and capturing real moments with my camera of what I see and feel for you. There is much more in the photos I take of you than just skill.

I take photos with heart and soul, capturing your special day as if I am the storyteller telling your story with photos.

Constantly drawn and inspired by you. The opportunity to portray your originality within an image is exactly what I was meant to do. So enjoy the stories I have to tell and take time to look around.



I am constantly drawn to and inspired by people. Each day, each story, each event makes our community and surroundings what they are. Showcasing the talents of the people I encounter is something I love to do and would love to have the honour of collaborating with our fellow creatives in this beautiful world we are living in. Get in touch and let’s make something rad together.


The Wedding Collection

Looking for a special location to capture your story?
First Impressions Photography offer a range of wedding locations to suit your every need.

Looking for a nice garden location such as Carlton Gardens? Or maybe something extravagant such as Parliament steps? Or maybe at some Vineyards in the country side. First Impressions Photography has 7 years of experience and we have been all around Melbourne so when it comes to locations, we have you sorted.


What my Wedding Couples say

Susan & Paul

Thank You First Impressions Photography Weddings for making our day perfect!

Thank you for making our day perfect. From going through the best valued wedding packages, to meeting us and going over everything, we knew we were in good hands. Our day was perfect and fun. Thank you again!!!

Susan & Paul

Achila & Ken

Fantastic experience by well organised professionals!

Having a photographer that makes a special and at times stressful day easy and relaxing means a lot for your wedding. Michael made everyone felt at ease whilst always maintaining a professional demeanor when taking photos. He made sure every moment was captured, whether it was within a group, as a couple, or the sneaky natural shots that will sure to put a smile on your face when you’re looking back at your special day.
Yes, you can have someone directing orders at you for the perfect shot but if you want someone who cares, honest, make you and guests feel comfortable whilst capturing those magic moments, Michael is your friend…

Achila & Ken

Tam & Jeff

Just Amazing!!!

We chose Michael because he goes above and beyond the role of a normal photographer, both in terms of his people engagement and the quality of his pictures. He was great from the first meeting, all the way through to the engagement shoot and the big day. Michael has the ability to make the most of each location and uses his creative juices to create amazing pictures. Thanks heaps!

Tam & Jeff

Todd & Hayley

Fabulous wedding photographer!

I cannot thank your photography service enough Michael! The whole process, from getting ready, through to the ceremony to the first dance. I loved the service at the yacht club. Getting married outside the venue holding a beautiful small bouquet of flowers taking photos with my family and friends was just beautiful. The photography service on the day was fantastic and the photographs too, including the one on the highest mountain enjoying the beautiful view. Hamilton Island will be forever special in my hearts thanks to you First Impressions Photography.

Todd & Hayley


The Story Begins

The calming touch of the one you love and the electrifying force that binds you together;
that is when you know you’re right where you’re supposed to be.


Our Most Popular Wedding Packages

First Impressions Photography offer a range of wedding packages to suit your every need. From all inclusive photography packages providing everything you need for your special day; from a Great Gatsby themed event to a Vintage wedding themed wedding.

This is a beginning of a beautiful relationship..

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site, read about my vision and peek into the work I am doing. I am so excited to hear from you.

Please feel free to email with any questions, comments or if you simply just want to say hello!