Questions you might have:

How would you describe your photography style?

I have a documentary style approach to photographing your wedding day. Here’s what documentary means to me and forms the basis of how I approach your day:

  • Capturing real and honest moments as they happen, without interfering or controlling your day in any way. However direction will be given when it is needed.
  • Instead of making you pose it up in a paddock for hours, I think it’s more important for you to spend that time with your family and friends.
  • Being non-intrusive, but not invisible.
  • Real and honest photos that tell a story.

When is it the best time to have bridal party photos taken?

Bride / Groom and bridal party photos are best taken 1 hour before sunset. You can check out the following site for sunset times. ( During the summer this can fall right in the middle of your reception. If this is the case, and I see a killer sunset with the most beautiful light ever, I might just pull you away for 5-10 minutes just to make the most of it. Trust me it’s worth it.

Why don’t you work by the hour?

Every wedding is different and has a different agenda. And some weddings don’t always run exactly to schedule. If I said to you, I’m staying for 7 hours and you are right in the middle of your speeches and that time is up, I’m not going to walk out and pack up my gear mid-way through. So to allow for all that, I work by event, rather than by the hour. This will give you a more complete story of your day and it also allows me to be alot more relaxed in my approach to my work. I have however given you an estimation of how many hours each of my packages would include, just to give you an idea.

When do you turn up and when do you leave?

The full day coverage is from the bridal preparation to just after the formalities at your Reception. The half day coverage* is from the bridal preparation to end of bridal portraits.  * Please note there is no reception coverage for half day coverage. See information on Packages for further information.

Do you supply high resolution images and am I able to print them?

Yes and Yes. You will be able to print the images at 11”x14” (approx A3 size). You will be granted a usage license for the sole purpose of images being used for personal use only.

Are the files retouched?

Yes the images are edited to my timeless style which includes colour correction and skin retouching.

Do you watermark your images?

No. Your images are meant for printing so they will not be watermarked.

How do you approach family photos?

A small number of family photos and relaxed portraits can be taken on your wedding day. Family photos may not be the most creative part of the day, but for many couples they’re still quite important. If you’d like some family photos, we recommend that you allow around 20 minutes for them. Usually these will happen after your ceremony once you’ve finished hugging and mingling with your guests. Closer to your wedding date we’ll give you tips on how to make this part of the day run as smoothly as possible!

How do you approach portraits?

For some relaxed portraits, you’ll only need to be away from your guests for about 30-45 minutes at the most. To save time, the portraits will be taken at your ceremony or reception venue, or somewhere very close by.

This short portrait session is a bit more hands-on than the rest of the day. Don’t worry though, I think ‘pose’ is a dirty word too. And I hate cheesy wedding photos as much as you do.

What is your experience and how long have you been taking photos for?

I have a Bachelor of Design in Graphic Arts specialising in Graphic Design and Photography. I worked in the corporate world for 10 years using my design and photography skills and I’m now in my 6th year of my rapidly growing photography business. I update my skills regularly, training with well known international and local photographers. 

How many photos will we receive?

There is no limit to the number of images that you will receive, but to give you a general idea it will a minimum of 300.

What do we do if it rains?

First thing – don’t stress! Photos in the rain can actually be quite nice. Naturally if it’s raining at a 90 degree angle I’m not going to make you stand in the rain. We can look at a nice bar or undercover somewhere, great photos can still be done indoors. However as my philosophy is to stay real to the day as possible, if it’s just spitting and the weather is bearable then I have umbrellas. Trust me, photos in the rain are pretty cool.

Will you give us some information on how to make the most of our wedding photos?

Yes absolutely I can do that. As I do like the stay true to the day as possible I’m not going to be giving lots of orders on the day (except when absolutely necessary),  I can give you tips prior to the day so we can get the best results.

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